12 weeks long e-program to
capitalize your highest potential,
gain more revenue, reach more profit
& find the right strategic partners

"You do not have to be Big to start, but you have to start to become Big!" - Zig Zagler


The Promise

Our sessions have been created to all those people who have a strong desire to improve the quality of their life and their businesses.
These sessions are based on real life experiences and they ensure you the tools to control your future.

The Fact

After 12 weeks you will achieve visible results in terms of new clients, and more profit.
During online consultation we will help you to put your business to the right track.

The Reward

Once you finished the sessions you will get a unique possibility to address to wealthy entrepreneurs and investors, strategic partners from Switzerland and Monaco.

About your 12 weeks session

Your instructor

Zsolt Szemerszky, National Quality Prize Winner Revenue Specialist & Author

Being an author of 15 books, published in over 50 countries world-wide helped Zsolt to create business values for people and to motivate them in the road towards their aims.

One of Zsolt's most quoted sentence is:

"Every mountain can be climbed just you have to find the appropriate way to it. If somebody does not achieve it’s goal then he has not done everything to achieve it. The secret of success is persistence!"

As one of the top business crisis advisor, revenue specialist, performance and marketing expert, Zsolt’s books, videos, newsletters and appearances now inspire millions of people worldwide.

Others said

"Zsolt Szemerszky is hardworking, persistent in getting results and a pure pleasure to work with. I would want him to run my corporate decisions and respresent my interests. He has shown integrity beyond measure. I highly recommend him in any situation." - Dedra Allen (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
"Very well organized and understands the business extremely well." - Dan Pastorini (Houston, Texas Area)
"Zsolt book is an excellent edition to the erudite readers who are looking for a material that adds wisdom and insight to their knowledge. I would highly recommend this book to readers at all levels." - Shan Saeed (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
"His approche of business value is very pertinent. Lot of people should read his book and could discover a new way to make business." - Guy Lucas de Peslouan (Paris, France)
"I have reached superlative results in my marketing business after reading Zsolt's suggestions. It was amazing the way it helped me to realize which mistakes I was doing by not properly communicating to my targeted clients. I recommend very much this person and his highly professional way to help you at reasonable cost." - Roberto Pino (Cancún Area, Mexico)
"Zsolt is a highly cerebral individual whose work will stimulate you to broaden your mind, taking an in depth look at the values and principles that form the foundation of your character and spirit. He is a value and an asset in any capacity." - Barrett Babin (Baton Rouge, Louisiana)
"If I would have to describe him in a nutshell I would say that he is one of those persons who would go to the end of the world and then back if that would be necessary to achieve an aim he believes in. As a consultant for wide range projects Zsolt had the great opportunity to have seen into many types of business models, experiencing very different cases. Because he has an extremely flexible approach to every situation." - Dodo Newman (Berlin, Germany)
"Over the last few years I had the privilege to work with Zsolt in various projects. It was a great experience to associate with such entrepreneur with an amazing knowledge, acumen and integrity. A true gentleman entrepreneur. I recommend Zsolt for any business projects without reservation." - Wlad Lopatinsky (Sydney, Australia)
"Reading his work - and the importance of it - I must say that his book sure is one of books I would highly recommend - to any company which takes its values to another level - we all should take as an example." - Thorsten Mueller (Rio de Janeiro Area, Brazil)
"Zsolt Szemerszky is a hard working and very creative person he is intelligent and has very good ideas about different business questions and can help you out." - Frank Dammers (Zwolle Area, Netherlands)
"Zsolt Szemerszky is serious and professional in doing business. This points are important to make business possible and workable!" - Torsten Nagengast (Stuttgart, Germany)
"Zsolt is a detail-oriented professional who is able to work like a eagle once targeted would met the predefined strategic objective ultimately." - Kevin Chan (Singapore)